Training Programs

Phoenix FIT members are just like you. Most get involved because they know it’s time to finally get in shape. For many, that means doing something really different in their lives. They know they have to challenge themselves to step beyond the status quo, because without some accountability and guidance, their efforts might fall flat. Some of our participants are new to running or walking, while others have been doing this for quite some time. But no matter what the individual stories, all share one goal: to get fit and have fun doing it.

Training Programs (Marathon and Half Marathon groups):

Phoenix FIT’s members form the backbone of our membership. Whether preparing for the full or the half marathon distance, runners all receive weekly educational seminars, a schedule specifically designed for their ability level, an online support forum, and more.

We start the season with a one-mile workout for the half marathon group and a 2-3 mile workout for the full marathon group. Advancing to our longest workouts on week 21. All long runs/walks are scheduled for Saturday mornings with the group.

The program’s general format is as follows:

  • Before each Saturday workout, members will come together for the week’s announcements and to hear an educational seminar on key training topics designed to prepare runners for the rigors of this endurance sport.
  • Members participate in an organized training run/walk each Saturday morning preceded by the weekly seminar.
  • Members adhere to a schedule of mid-week training workouts. Those workouts are built with busy lifestyles in mind, so they keep members moving toward their goals while requiring only a moderate amount of time on the road.
  • Weekly speed training sessions may be available once the group has built a sufficient training base to handle it safely and comfortably.

Walking Program

Walkers comprise an enthusiastic and growing segment of Phoenix FIT.  The goal is the same: to help you push your personal boundaries and achieve your performance and speed goals in an encouraging, safe environment.

Walkers receive all the same benefits as runners. All athletes meet on Saturday, and as with the runners, walkers start at one mile and progress through an increasingly rigorous schedule each week until the season’s ending taper. Everyone receives the same excellent ability-based coaching, weekly educational seminars, mid-week support, and more.

Advanced Training Program (ATP)

While the USA FIT programs are attainable for beginners, we also offer the Advanced Training Program (ATP) for people who have completed a half marathon or marathon and would like to improve their performance. This rigorous program meets an additional two times per week and has a separate training program. The additional meetings are held in the evening on Mondays and Thursdays.

ATP is a progressive training program that focuses on developing certain areas of conditioning at a time. As such, it is important to attend ATP sessions regularly to achieve maximum benefit and avoid injury. The additional cost is $40 for the season. Please ask the coaches for more detail about this program.